Frequently Asked Questions

How is Acton Academy Hampton Roads affiliated with Acton Academy?

Acton Academy Hampton Roads is part of a network of over 300 Acton Academies around the world committed to the learner driven model of education. We are not a franchise and each school is independently owned and operated.

What grades do you offer?

We serve students 4-6 in our "Spark" studio, 6-10 in our "Discovery" Studio, 10-14 in our "Adventure" Studio and 14-18 in our "Launchpad" Studio.

How long is Acton Academy Hampton Roads in session?

We are a year-round school with short breaks throughout the year.

Will children be grouped together by grades?

No, we believe all people learn best when working with those younger and older than themselves rather than be split up into groups based solely on age.

Is Acton Academy Hampton Roads accredited?

Yes, our school is accredited through the International Association of Learner Driven Schools and in the process of becoming AMI Accredited.

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